based on the S&P 500 and FTSE 100
CAPITAL GUARANTEED structures with high potential returns
of foreign remuneration for SA citizens working abroad
Impending changes to the TAXATION
At Vista you partner with a SAIS qualified stockbroker
Is your stockbroker professionally qualified?
Offshore investing and foreign currency bank accounts
Check out our latest LOCAL share portfolio
We convert ZAR to USD
Open USD Bank Accounts
You earn ≈1.7% (NACA) interest on USD
With us your Share Trading acc links to your INVESTEC BANK account
Check out our Investing Offshore contribution in Finweek Magazine
CNBC Africa - Finweek Money Matters
How much is enough for retirement?
your own foreign currency bank account...
Offshore investing? It all starts with
CNBC Africa - Finweek Money Matters
The impact of delayed retirement saving
At Vista you're partnering with a CFA charterholder!
Is your portfolio manager professionally qualified?
is managed by a GIBS MBA holder
Vista’s administration and operations
Not timing the market
Time in the market
answered by Vista's stockbroker Magnus de Wet
702 Talk Radio and Emirates "world view" question
See why RAs are still the best vehicle to save for retirement
Does the taxman help you save for retirement?
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Business Philosophy
  • A client is at the heart of every transaction and every client is unique
  • Combining technical skills with strong client relationships
  • Don’t push products for commission, earn fees for financial planning, ongoing advice and wealth management
  • Independent and agnostic with regards to service providers
  • Under promise and over deliver
Advice Philosophy
  • Fully assess goals, and objectives & constraints
  • Understand risk tolerance, time horizon, and liquidity
  • Independent and unbiased financial advice
  • Develop and implement a tailor-made financial plan
  • Review strategy regularly to ensure it remains on track
Customised Financial Planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Education planning
  • Will, Trust and Estate planning
  • Life insurance
Investment Philosophy
  • Diversification
  • Time in the market – not timing the market
  • Transparent costs
  • Tax effectiveness
  • Goals based
  • Keep calm, don’t panic!
Investment Vehicles
  • Tax free investment products
  • Local and Offshore unit trusts
  • Retirement Annuities
  • Preservation funds
  • Living/life annuities
  • Endowments




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Tel: 010 141 6033

Magnus de Wet
082 894 8654



Corner House Building
25 Wessel Road (Cnr 10th Ave and Wessel Rd)
South Africa