Attaining your investment goals is a commitment, understanding these goals are ours. These goals can include:

  • Saving for a child’s education, rainy day or that lifelong dream holiday, house or car
  • Investing spare money or that hard earned bonus
  • Emigrating or diversifying offshore

By understanding your time horizon, risk tolerance and liquidity needs, Vista will create a tailor made investment plan proposing the most suitable local and offshore investment vehicles and a wide range of FSCA approved unit trusts. The investment vehicles include but are not limited to discretionary investment plans, tax free savings plans, endowments, direct share portfolios and capital protected investments.

Vista is your one stop shop for offshore investing. We can facilitate the opening of foreign denominated currency bank accounts in your name and convert currency at very competitive rates. Once converted we specialise in investing in offshore funds, share portfolios and capital protected investments.

At Vista we believe money should be invested but there are times when cash makes sense. As a result we’ve secured access to wholesale interest rates for clients wanting to deposit cash on call, fixed or notice terms.

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