With interest rates currently at historical lows and equity market uncertainty, capital protected investments might be a solution for savers or conservative investors with a low risk appetite.

The cutting of interest rates by central banks in an effort to stimulate their economies during a shock is nothing new, we saw the same during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007 and 2008. The sad reality is that post the GFC, interest rates remained low for at least 5 years between 2010 and 2015. During this time, cash investors saw negative real returns where the interest they earned on their cash were lower than inflation. Cash investors therefore face a real dilemma and will have to take on more risk in their portfolios in order to stay ahead of inflation.

Capital protected investments are investments that offer some capital guarantee on the initial invested amount, usually a certain proportion of the initial invested amount expressed in percentage terms e.g. 100% or less depending on performance

Below four capital protected investments currently available:


* Investment name


Underlying portfolio/index

Capital protection

Hosted within

Term and potential return


Participation cut-off date

Glacier SA


Portfolio of global companies


Glacier SA platform

5Y geared return @ 400% (4 times) if positive


19 May’21



Combination of Fixed returns (Y1 & Y3) and Portfolio of global companies


JSE share portfolio

1Y fixed return @ 13% on 25% of capital

3Y fixed return @ 26% on 25% of capital

5Y geared return @ 150% on 50% of capital, if positive





S&P 500 Value Index

First 30% decline protected

Glacier International Life Plan

Max 5Y term with auto calls in Y3 and Y4. 8% per annum in USD if positive

$25k or $10k for existing clients

23 April’21

Credit Suisse






First 40% decline protected

Glacier International Life Plan

Max 6Y with semi-annual coupons (4%) if all underlyings are above coupon barrier (78.5%) and autocall after Y1 if all underlyings are above autocall barrier (100%)

$25k or $10k for existing clients

30 April’21

* Click on the investment name to see the detailed investment brochure


Important notice:

  • Even though all four above investments have offshore equity exposure, two of the investments are in USD for investors wanting to take advantage of the current strong Rand
  • All fees have been priced into the products and will not affect the investor’s return


Below a short visual summary with regards to each product:

  1. Glacier SA – Sustainable World Enhancer

  1. ABSA – Twin Fixed Return and Growth Protector

  1. Investec – S&P 500 Value Autocall

  1. Credit Suisse – Tech Income Note

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